Creative BASIC

Creative BASIC Version 1.15 Free trial

Full toolset for developing Windows applications, console applications, games and utility programs

Creative BASIC can be used for developing all types of Windows-based applications, console applications, utility programs and games. Using similar principles to the BASIC programming language, this is a great tool for learners and even experienced developers. With an editor, Graphical User Interface designer, debugging tools and compiler, it has everything a developer needs to create stand-along applications. There are no outside resources needed.
Creative BASIC enjoys full Multiple Document Interface, Direct3D and DirectX support, has more than 300 functions built in, and can be extended with external DLL's. Full set of functions and controls. Create web applications with in-built browser tools. New application executables can run on any 32 bit Windows environment. Capable of developing full-featured 2 Dimensional games.
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